Thursday, May 31, 2012

the center point

Ryan just developed some film recently. Every time he does - I am desperate to find more wall space... I want every single one of them up. This most recent shot of a field in Nashville will be the focus of my living room I've decided. I need to get it printed large, really large, and find a frame large enough that I don't have to have a custom one made. Then the whole room will work around it.

It's hard to explain, but it says so much about me, ry and a life we keep trying to aspire to. I could be reading too much into it sure, but if it was just aesthetics alone - the colors and composition would still sell me. I just love it.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

sorry, I discovered instagram

A month has slipped by... and instagram is mostly to blame. I recently signed up and found it much easier to follow and keep up with. But my blog and I have been together a long time, and so I'm here to kiss and make up and be friends again. 

Now I'll try not to bore you... but here's the catchup:

The boys and I have been busy just being outside (another reason for the lack of entries). My kids have manipulated me enough into thinking they need me outside if they are outside and for the most part, I love to cave and sit on a blanket on the grass while they play. But it means my house stays messy and no work is done on the computer - so it is a love hate relationship sometimes.

Ryan has been out of town a lot. He just got back from a Film Is Not Dead workshop in Australia with our friend Jon Canlas. He said it was one of the most amazing places he has ever been. I was super jealous. It's nice to have him home again for a good stretch of time. The house is too quiet with him gone (but as I type this - he is out tonight at a gig... but at least he will be home. Even if it is late into the night). He is developing is film now, and I can't wait to see it all.

I started a chair remaking project. I have 6 dinning room chairs I'm trying to paint bright turquoise. After attempting to sand the first one by hand, my sister came to my rescue with an electric sander, so things are moving a lot faster. I'll post the after photos hopefully before June is out.

The boys and I have been hitting up the zoo, dinosaur museum, Cup-O-Sno, and every park we stumble upon. The boys still use their map from the zoo and play around the yard and house like they are on a treasure hunt of some sort. So cute. So here are a few pictures from said adventures.

(Max didn't love or appreciate me making him pose next to the large elephant sculpture that blasted noise and air.)

 (yes, Cash is dressed as batman at the dino museum for no apparent reason other then to look awesome.)

(props to the cousins who bought this pool/slide for their backyard. We will be living here all summer I imagine.)

Our first sno cone of the season. Boohyeah! Bring on the sugar rush. I love me that nectarine south pole they rock.

I love that this is the usual scene on our way home now from anywhere. Summer rules.

I also caved and volunteered to be in charge of Reflections for Jack's school this year. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I can put up a mean billboard I might say. I am so new to this whole PTA thing... there is so much politics involved with these ladies and between the teachers and the school administration... it is a world I'm not sure I am ready for. So I'll judge and run the art contest and make the school t-shirts and hope they leave me out of everything else.

I think that is about it and what we've been doing the whole month of May. Max is wild and trying to madly keep up with big brothers. Cash is determined to always be showing us how strong, big and grown up he is. Jack is just at the end of his first year of kindergarten and asks every morning if it's his last day of school. He has loved school but has already caught on to the idea of how awesome not going to school is. Ry stays busy with work, his music, his side design work. And I'm just trying to get up the energy to start up my yoga regularly again, keep up with Max's amazingly fast little legs and officially quit Diet Coke (sad, I know). It is all very chaotic, but very wonderful at the same time.

I'll try not to ignore you anymore blog-world. 
 It's not you. It's me. I hope we can still be friends.