Thursday, February 25, 2010

my new favorites

Ever since we ditched cable, I've given up watching mindless TV and have become extremely selective to what I sit down to watch. It has been nice to catch up on a lot of great movies I have been itching to see, as well as several TV series I have had my eye on, but never had the time to search out and watch.

My new favorite is Modern Family. It is laugh-out-loud hilarious, but always ends with a sweet message. I love it.

On the other end of the spectrum, is Mad Men. The characters are so great and yet so tragically sad, and I want all the dresses the women wear.

So if you are looking - those are my 2 top recommendations.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

happy happy

For anyone who knows my sister Jennie - they know she is a straight up piece of heaven.
Today is her big day, and I just wanted to wish her happy birthday.
The boys and I love you Jennie... I hope you have a happy happy day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

colds, yoga, and a little of everything in between

The boys have been sick. Just when I set up arrangements with my sister-in-laws to do a babysitting exchange for Saturday nights... the boys come down with nasty colds and coughs and my visions of going out to a movie and dinner with Ryan fly right out the window. We've spent the entire part of last week, the weekend, and now into this week staying cozy in pj's, watching every kid video Blockbuster owns, and taking daily baths just to kill time.

The good in all of it, is being cooped up, I have managed to clean out the fridge, deep clean the oven, start and finish several books, and de-junk and organize half the house. I've even started up my exercise routine and got into my yoga groove again. The boys find the yoga very entertaining, as Jack often encourages me with his praise and Cash tries to tip me over as soon as I am in an unstable stance. A perfect example of their differing personalities.

Not much beyond that has been happening around here. I am eager for better weather to hit us... the boys have discovered the sandbox that has been unearthed from Old Man Winter's blanket of snow, and each day I have to explain why they cannot go and sit in a pile of wet cold sand.

The sister-in-laws and I have been hitting up the community rec center to take the kids swimming each week - and thank the heavens for that place. It seems to be the big ticket item to getting us through the winter. We have our regular visits to the library and the museum of natural history (for free first monday)... but I still feel Spring could not come fast enough. I want to clean out the garage, tidy up the flower beds that I didn't get around to before the snow hit, and just open all the windows up in the house and air it all out.

I have high hopes to start my herb garden this year, and to somehow finally get that double stroller I have been coveting so I can take the boys on our daily walks without having to carry one of them back on my shoulders, or dangerously propped up high on the handle of our single rider - to which I always get a lot of non-approving looks from other moms driving by.

I think I just have a little cabin fever lately. So here's to hoping to healthier boys, and some warm weather for a change. Keep your fingers crossed.