Friday, July 18, 2008

stop reading now

Tonight we went and saw The Dark Knight. Holy crap! It was so good - you should be all disappointed in yourselves if you haven't seen it yet. In fact, stop reading this blog right now and go watch it. It was amazing.

Monday, July 7, 2008

thanks for the fireworks america

As most of you may know, I love me some fourth of july! I have great memories of watching fireworks from my grandpa's roof, hanging out with a million cousins all day - eating enough food to hibernate for the winter. And just 6 years back, the fourth was the day Ryan and I fell in love - had our first kiss - and well the rest is history.

Now this year, well - it was no exception. What can I say, it was a great great day!

The stellar weekend started off with some yummy steak sandwiches and fireworks with the Wileys. We felt adventurous and decided to have a sleep over so we could witness Sarah's lovely Provo balloon launch. It was way too early, but fun none the less and got a kick out of seeing a larger then life pig, smokey the bear, and a massive strawberry compete for hot air balloon bragging rights.

Then it was off to the parade where grandma and grandpa and my brother and sister in-law's family had staked out a spot on the parade route. We were all in foamy lathers as the sun beat down, Jack ate his weight in salt water taffy and David and I had a fun time poking fun at the horrible prom dressed beauty queens. There was one point I thought Jack's head might explode when Curious George come floating down the street.

After that we stopped off at the BrickOven for some efueling and then took the boys home for a MUCH NEEDED nap. (note - by "boys" I mean, everyone but me somehow got a nap! What gives?!)

We then pulled together all the blankets and treats we could find and headed off to SugarHouse park for our yearly firework show where we met up with everyone again for the big show.
We even got Miss Shelby out to join us while her hubby, Captain Amazing, took 1st place in his volleyball tournament in Park City. Congrats Mike!

There was a delicious cloud cover that made the weather just right as we watched the kids run up and down the hill, JuneBug become best friends with Ryan and witnessed too many shirtless farmer-tanned men working the scene.

The firework show was another great display of sparks and lights (Go America!). And when it was all over Jack said, "Thanks for the fireworks. That was awesome..." just before his eyes rolled back and he was out for the night.

A good time was had by all.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

hello summer

Everyone is blogging about their summer favorites. There is not much more I can say on the matter that has not been said.

But here it is - My All Time Top Favorites about Summer:

1. Skirts and flip flops - nothing beats it. Shorts are for suckers.

2. Hitting up garage sales and estate sales on Saturdays for "steals" and "finds".

3. Bob's BrainFreeze snow shack on 3300 south.

4. Summer outdoor concerts where the air is a mix of cigarettes and fresh cut grass.
Followed up with a late night visit to Betos for 5 rolled tacos with guacamole.

5. Driving with the window down - music up loud - and of course - fresh 44oz. diet coke in hand.

Ahhhh, I love summer.