Sunday, April 27, 2008

silent but deadly

Cash may have the worst gas known to mankind. I am not quite sure what to do about it - it has almost burned off my eyebrows on several occasions. How can something so smelly come out of something so small and cute. And I'm not exaggerating! All kids diapers stink, but Cash's gas could take out a small country with it's toxic fumes. For all you who have yet to cozy this little guy when he let's one rip, you have been warned... you may not recover. Sorry Cash. You're cute, but man you stink!

Monday, April 21, 2008

jack, a man of many words

Jack's newest phrases these days are as follows:

"That's so amazing!"
"It's a miracle!"
"No singing!"

Who knows where he picked them up. But when said in the context of his miniature voice when describing his utter joy in finding his rubber toy shark in grandma's toy bin (it's a miracle) or grandpa's weeding techniques in the backyard (that's so amazing), it is quite the funny thing to hear him utter.

I know I am not the song bird ol' pappy tanner is - but I still can't figure out why he won't let me sing in the car (no singing). Guess all that talent lies with dad. Figures.

Friday, April 11, 2008

just so you all know

Tonight Ryan and I went out to eat with some of the siblings - and since I don't have a mini digital camera to document anything, (hint hint ryan) just imagine the most amazing bowl of yellow curry and pad thai you could ever behold. Sawadee Rules! If you haven't succumbed to it's delicious curry and rice - you need to go. Located between 7th and 8th East and South Temple. Praise be all wonderful Sawadee.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

happy 3 to cashman

Happy 3 months to Mr.Cashman!

It's is crazy to see how just a few months can make me feel like a real human again. We are not quite sleeping through the night - but with only one feeding at 4 am, I am not complaining.

With 3 months under our belt, and the good weather around the corner, I am getting more and more brave and efficient about venturing out with 2 kids in tow. Now if I could only get some upper arm strength, there wouldn't be
such a foamy lather every time I tried to carry Cash in his car seat in one hand and Jack as he screams bloody murder because I wouldn't buy him ever freakin' toy car he sees in the other.

Jack is loving little brother though. He loves to come point out all of Cash's body parts which always includes a poke in the eye as he declares: "Cash's eyes see." (Or at least they could before Jack came along.) I am even starting to see Jack become a little protective of Cash - should anyone start to walk off with Cash in his car seat, Jack immediately cries out: "give back my Cash!".

I don't remember Jack smiling as much as Cash does when he was a little baby - but the Cashman is all grins. He couldn't be a happier baby. So happy 3 months to baby Cash and happy 3 months closer to mom getting a good night sleep.

Monday, April 7, 2008

paint and spackle

Many of you may not know that emily and i, aside from being design, film and music snobs, like to spend time with our family remodeling homes. it gives us a good opportunity to put our creativity to the test. above are photos of the same kitchen taken one month apart. the cute little old lady that lived here before we bought the house, was in love with the color green (not good green) and creepy porcelain dolls.

 it's amazing what a little paint and spackle will do.

if you have free time on saturday we would love to have you stop by the house, eat some food and hang out for a bit. we are having an open house this saturday, april 12th, from 2 until 5.