Saturday, August 29, 2009

movie recommendation

Last night Ryan and I managed to get the boys in bed in enough time to snatch up a good movie. Thanks to Jed Wells for the recommendation.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i am so lame

My allergies have reached an all time low.

Somewhere along the way they decided that the uncontrollable itching of my nose, eyes - and well face, the stuffiness and constant sneezing, the blood shot vampire eyes - it just wasn't enough. I now have some crazy superhero sensitivity to the sun and all light. I went to meet a client the other day - and couldn't even keep my eyes open during our meeting. I am listening to her talk about her company as I look like I am off daydreaming of unicorns and cotton candy.

To top it off... I have turned into one of Ryan's all time, top 5, worst pet peeves. I have to wear sunglasses indoors! Even regular light hurts - starring at my computer hurts...I am a freak of nature now, not trying to look too cool in my pain - but looking like a tool all the same.

My appointment with my Ophthalmologist could not come soon enough. Will I ever be the same again? Oh great day.

(side note: Picture is not of me. I do not own this adorable cute dress, nor have I mustered up the courage to get my short back. I only wanted to really hit home how ridiculous I am right now.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jack is no more.

Jack woke up this morning and declared that he was Buzz Lightyear. He has spent the entire day only responding to any questions or converstations if you first say "hey Buzz...". During his nap, I could hear him talking in his sleep, saying over and over in the moniter: "I am Buzz, I am Buzz, I am Buzz."

How great to be 3.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

our little family

Jon posted our family photos today, and I couldn't be happier. Jon is a master - the shoot in San Francisco, and the chance to dine over cheap Chinese food with Jon and his workshop attendees was a memory we won't soon forget. Thanks Jon for being, well - maybe the coolest human being we know.

here to see some shots...I'll post more once I have the disk.

Monday, August 3, 2009

oh i love this

all covered in boo-boo's

This last Saturday, we joined Ryan up at Park City, for a small gig he had with Paul J and the Madison Arm, at the local arts festival. It was cool to walk around and see all that amazing (and sometimes weird) artwork. Although, most of the time was spent trying to keep Jack from touching (and then inevitably breaking) some $5000 moose head, or keeping Cash happy enough to stay belted in the stroller.

The guys played their set - in front of a stereotypical crowd of older nature loving individuals who were there just to drink their beers under umbrellas in order to escape the heat, and could care less about who was on stage. Then on our way down Park City Avenue, we managed to find a kind gentleman (and yes, I am using the word "kind" very VERY loosely) who wanted to quickly back out his truck into our car.

Car accidents are the worst. I have to say, I was amazed to see how badly someone - such as our new friend in the black truck - could behave when, he being the one who was at fault - who could clearly see he had hit a car with children, and didn't bother once to come up and see if everyone was okay.

I was happy that our friends Scott and Sarah were still behind us - and generously offered us use of their car for the day and weekend so we could get our sad, hungry, hot boys home. I was also in love with the kind bar tenders and waiters at the Butchers Bar & Grill who came to my rescue with providing the boys bar stools inside their joint and ice cold lemonades to distract them while I made the many phone calls to our insurance comany, to try and arrange towing while Ryan dealt with the police reports.

All in all - just another relaxing weekend. Our poor sad volvo... "all covered in boo-boo's" as Jack put it. As much fun as it is for me to crawl out my window when I want to exit the car, I do hope you get well soon.