Saturday, May 31, 2008

automatic disqualification because of its involvement with the big chill

high fidelity ...

anyone who knows us knows we love this movie. if you have not seen it you can go ahead and stop visiting our blog ... we really cannot be friends with folks who indulge in such silly antics.

there is a great scene in the movie after laura's dad dies when rob, barry and dick are sitting around talking about the music that would make up the tribute list to her dead father ... jan and dean, madness, the rolling stones and as john cusack's character notes in the movie ... "i always wanted some beautiful girl to sing 'you're the best thing that ever happened to me"

anyhow on our drive home last night we were talking about the movie and i started thinking about some of the songs i would like to have played at my funeral. it's going to be a long funeral. 

satisfied mind - jeff buckley live version from sketches for my sweetheart. i am still deciding on wether we will play the album version or if trevor price will sing it. not sure yet. hope i have a few weeks to decide.
we will meet again - johnny cash from the best of johnny cash on american recordings ... we will meet again some sunny day
window - damian jurado from where shall you take me? i am walking with my savior, and my savior walks with me.
that's how i knew this story would break my heart - aimee mann like a ghost in the snow i am ready to go
the late greats - wilco i would like people to say that about me when i am gone. my friend scott loves this song.
fancy funeral - lucinda williams every dime and nickel is money better spent on groceries or covering the bills instead of little luxuries and unnecessary frills
wake up - arcade fire from the record funeral ... turn the summer into dust. this song alway makes me realize the things i worry about are so stupid.
i hope it rains at my funeral - whiskeytown i love the rain. and i love whiskeytown
mourning train - the wallflowers i am shining up my good shoes brown.
time to move on - tom petty from wildflowers ... and maybe when i am gone brian hardy will finally realize what a genius tom petty is.
mansion on the hill - bruce springsteen i debated wether to include the version by the national. but i love the boss. it should be closer to the top
guaranteed - eddie vedder
somebody loves you - eels
god only knows - joe henry one of my favorite albums ever ... "our song" could be used in substitution without problems from the other side
in the sun - joseph arthur may god's love be with you
golden - my morning jacket
long ride home - patty griffin
promises - lyle lovett from the dead man walking soundtrack. sean penn starred. emily would like to marry him when i am gone.
i dream a highway - gillian welch - this song will always remind me of emily. i dream a highway back to you.
sweet old world - emmylou harris
i might be wrong - radiohead this may be my favorite guitar riff ever. it should wake everyone up at the end. dancing will be allowed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You are not a kitten...

The other night Jack started talking in his sleep - and telling the story of "Are You My Mother".
"You are not a kitten. You are not a hen. You are not a dog, or a snort.... you are my mother!"
He did this for about 10 minutes - saying the lines over and over with some snoring in between.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

one, two, three

1: Cash has recently discovered his toes. We are so very proud.

2: Jack's newest thing
is to eat his grahm crackers part way and then declare what type of vehicle it is. Here he is proudly displaying "a boat".

: We might move. Fare thee well

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my little piece of happy

While my little patch of dirt is shameful in comparisons to most, I am still quite happy that all my tulips decided to debut this spring.

Being on a North facing plot - I was very suspicious of any of the plants surviving the ice tundra that was our house this last winter. Minus the sad corner bush, everyone made it and I feel so accomplished in my gardening efforts.

It has become a nice "let's get outside for some fresh air" without having to pack up the kids, diaper bag, stroller, and car - activity. Jack is quite the helper in digging holes and spreading dirt around. He has also mastered the art of soaking his feet while he tries to help me water the plants. And Cashman takes nice cozy naps in the shade, even with Jack's high pitch screams and giggles every 2 minutes.

It is a good time had by all.

In our most recent HOA meeting, the lady at the end of the row grumbled, "Thanks a lot Tanners for making the rest of us look bad." She is the same one to get mad at us for fixing our fence without first allowing the HOA to vote on whether or not we could fix the fence. Really? I am the only one ever trying to update light fixtures, spray paint the random colored mailboxes, or make any effort to bring a little life and color to our sad driveway/street. I do this hoping others will catch on and be inspired to clean up and improve their mini front porches, but all I do is get in trouble. HOA's are the worst!

So here are of few snap shots of my little garden - small, but happy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008