Thursday, March 27, 2008

it was a great day ...

to be outside.  

we got the hose out.
cleaned out the flower beds. 
swept some leaves. 
jack took his car for a spin.

and lazy cash took a nap.

are you kidding?

my jeep has been sitting out in front of our house for literally three months without being driven. with the new baby and emily and i both working from home ... well it's cut down on on the amount of driving we do. never mind that gas is as much as a good chicken dinner, and that 33rd south right outside our door is one giant pothole from 15 east to I-15.

in the mean time the registration had lapsed, so i decided to fire her up and take her out to make her an honest jeep.

i have taken my car to the same service station in sandy for nearly 6 years. hillside tire and service on 10600 south, just east of the freeway. they are good honest folk, and always do a great job. we get our tires there, tune-ups, and our emissions and inspections .... always. well ... except this time.

because i am a knucklehead, and suffer from dementia i decided to take my car across the street from where we live to one of the "quick" emission places. you see we moved last year to the sugarhouse area and i thought it would save time to ... well never mind. it was a bad idea.

when they called my name in the waiting room, i could see the REJECTED STAMP from 25 feet across the room. here is a brief snippet of the conversation that ensued...

fine emissions inpector (fei): your car passed the emissions test, but it failed the inspection.
me: okay... what was wrong with it
fei: you need mud flaps on your rear tires
me: mud flaps?
fei: mud flaps sir.
me: mud flaps ... like yosemite sam back off mudflaps?
fei: because of the size of your tires you need mudflaps to cover them
me: are you kidding?
fei: no sir, i am not kidding

you know that scene in high fidelity where dick the record store clerk hits ian the obnoxious new boyfriend to laura the ex-girlfriend of rob in the face with the telephone ... i am not an advocater of violence, but didn't you think that scene was funny?

i think it is fair to say ... i have had this jeep for 13 years. i have had the same size tires put on it, and have had no problems.

i am devastated. i am not mudflap guy am I? i started to feel an itch to listen to toby keith, and wonder if i should move my couch outside my house and watch emily wash the dog.

adding insult to injury, my car was ticketed by the fine folks over at the west jordan police department fpr parking on the street, and threatened with impound if not moved within 24 hours.

Friday, March 21, 2008

i am speed

the last few days jack and i have been working on photographing his die cast models from the movie cars. it's tricky shooting things this small, and jack has little patience working as creative director on the shoots. he switches the cars in and out so fast, and becomes irrational to try and talk to.

yesterday when i came upstairs from working on some projects in our office, jack was waiting at the top of the stairs repeating again and again "picture, picture, picture." so to work we went.

here are a few images from the shoot. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

forget cartoons!

As most children do - Jack provides Ryan and me with endless laughs at all the funny things he does and requests. From making me dance around the coffee table with him to the SpongeBob Square Pants theme song, or singing out loud in the car with his eyes closed to Pearl Jam, he seems to provide endless entertainment for us. This morning was no exception.

During most of my pregnancy with Cash I attempted to keep up with my yoga ("attempted" being the key word) - it just now had to happen from my living room with a low budget pregnancy yoga DVD to which Jack mostly climbed on my back during all balancing positions, or requested cookies during the "close your eyes and forget your surroundings" positions. He seemed, in general, to get a kick out of his big bellied mom attempting to keep in shape each morning on our living room floor.

After Cash came along the DVD was put aside (as well as my ability to shower before noon,) and I haven't given it much thought since.

But this morning as I was rushing around to get out the door to a work meeting, Jack followed me around from room to room carrying my yoga DVD, saying: "mommy, watch oohga?" I put on some cartoons for him as most bad parents do when they are trying to get something done thinking he would be satisfied, but no. Finally I caved, propped him up on the bed with several pillows and the drink of his choice and put on "Pregnancy Yoga".

He watched the entire thing, only pausing for a drink refill half way through. It was too great.

Monday, March 17, 2008

a proper introduction ...

after getting heckled by the wiley's at dinner the other night for not having a blog page, we have decided to enter the mad blogger world ... we were never very good with peer pressure.

so ... the life chaotic.

we thought we would be off to a good start introducing you to our little cash. 

cash was born on january 8, 2008 at about 10 in the morning. he weighed 7lbs. 10oz. and was 21 inches long. he is the spitting image of big brother jack ... now 2 months old, he enjoys spending time reading the paper, watching jazz games and listening to the boss.

everyone knows we are tremendous fans of johnny cash, but not everyone
is aware of our of our love of cash warren (impregnator of jessica alba) and the actual cold hard cash that seems to bleeding from our bank accounts and into the pockets of the folks over at the hospital.

all kidding aside, we love our little cash man. he has already filled our home with such love, and is already smiling and seems to be adjusting to this crazy life. 
i think wilco said it best ... 

Go back to sleep now
My Darling
And i'll keep all the bad dreams away
Breathe now, think sweet things
And I'll think of all the right things to say

Because we made you 
My Darling
With the love in each of our hearts
We were a family, My Darling
Right from the start

Grow up now
My Darling
Please don't you grow up too fast
And be sure, Darling
To make all the good times last
My Darling / Wilco / Summerteeth