Monday, April 26, 2010

I wish I had that last hour back

This weekend Ryan and I watched Gentleman's Bronco (by Jared Hess who also did Napoleon Dynamite). For any of you who were considering watching this. Don't. For those of you who have been subjected to it - I think I may start a support group to help us cope with the memories of said movie and the depression of loosing those few hours of our life by watching it.

Booh Gentleman's Bronco. Boooooh!

Friday, April 16, 2010

a long day

Yesterday was a long day. Cash and Ryan fell when our nephews and a long board went under their path just as they were walking across the room. They both came down really hard. Cash hit his head, and my heart stopped. I picked him up and he screamed a half scream - then went limp. I lost it. I've never been so scared. We continued to try and rouse him, but with not much luck. We rushed everyone in the car and headed for the ER. I'm so glad they just opened that new Primary Children's wing at the Riverton Hospital... I know an ER is an ER, but Primary Children's is so amazing, and I just feel better knowing everything they do and have is for these little monsters we love so much.

After tests and scans, we could stop holding our breath. He checked out okay, and we could finally leave and let him fall asleep.

Thank you to Aunt Shelby for coming to pick up Jack and Tanner from the Hospital. Thanks for Grandma and Grandpa Tanner for letting Ryan and Cash crash all day with you while I had to go set up the primary party I was in charge of after our hospital episode. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Leigh for taking Jack the rest of the day to hang out, he had a blast. And thank you for all your phone calls and texts. We are so grateful is he okay and that we have so many wonderful friends and family around us.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

wedding bells

My friend Jamie is finally a MRS. Tonight was her reception. How I love me some Jamie-girl. She looked absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Friday, April 9, 2010

photos of an adventure

Our monthly trip to the Museum of Natural History for
free-Monday this week was short lived, but thoroughly enjoyed. A few photos from our adventure:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the great paper caper

Our latest and greatest find at the library this week, was one of my favorite authors and illustrators, Oliver Jeffs. We first found him first with his book, The Incredible Book Eating Boy - which started Jack's obsession with eating broccoli. His illustrations are amazing and the story lines are always creative, but with a cute underlying principle. The Great Paper Caper seems to suggest the importance of recycling and conservation, but if anything, it is entertaining and unique. (Don't miss the great instructions on the inside covers of the book about paper airplane making).

Jeffs always uses a great mix of handwritten fonts and very Wes Anderson style typeset fonts. The colors are beautiful, the characters are endearing and humorous. He has several more books out, and I can't wait to go find them next.

You should check him out.

Monday, April 5, 2010

food, friends and cokes

My cute friend Liz is pregnant with twin boys. My girlfriends and I threw her a shower this weekend to celebrate her ever expanding belly full of babies and their much anticipated arrival. I tried to doll up the living room for the dinner/shower to make for a more vibey night, and we had a blast. We even were spoiled with having our friend Katrina in all the way from California.

My friend Ange brought in desserts from her bakery/cafe down in Orem. The most heavenly version of strawberry short cake, mint brownies, lemon curd cupcakes, and german chocolate babycakes. We made mini BBQ chicken sandwiches on home made rolls, with about three different fresh strawberry salads. And of course, diet cokes all around.

How much I love these girls. We have all been friends since high school. We gabbed and ate and ate and ATE, all the way up until midnight. Poor Liz - I don't know how she kept her little pregnant self awake that long. We are so excited for you Lizzy!

Here are a few of the snap shots:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

how to train a dragon

Today we took the Jack and Cash to see Dreamworks new movie: How To Train A Dragon. We loved it! I already want to take the boys back to see it again. They have been flying around all night pretending they are dragons. Note to any parents taking my recommendation to take their kids to see it though, It did have some scary parts, but I felt like it always quickly lightened the mood after each time.

All the cousins and the grandmas came along. We took up almost the entire back row. It was such a blast. Before I had kids, I never thought I would like going to the movies that much with the little hooligans in tow, but I do! It is such a kick - and it is so exciting for them. The big seats, eating their weight in popcorn, larger then life stories...

And as long as we go during the day - the theater is empty enough that no one seems to notice Cash using his imaginary Buzz Lightyear laser arm to shoot at the screen ever so often.