Monday, November 28, 2011


Cash got sick the day before Thanksgiving. We spent most of Thanksgiving morning in the only insta-care open that day... the weekend continued on, he stopped throwing up thank goodness, and then Saturday, Max woke with a fever. Sunday I woke with a fever and a nasty cough and then this morning, Jack joined the group with a twin cough to mine. Ugh! I hate getting sick, having sick little ones - or having both of those scenarios at the same time. It makes you realize just how lovely life is when everyone is well. 
I'm hoping this virus has made it's rounds on our house and will move on come the weekend. It wasn't how I planned our big holiday weekend would go, but that is life.

Here's crossing our fingers, eyes and toes that tomorrow we will all start feeling better.


Friday, November 25, 2011

happy birthday maxamillion

It's crazy to see Max's first year go by so quickly. Today we celebrated him turning the mighty one. One year ago today, he was so small, saggy and baggy with his 2 week early debut. Now he seems so big. It really does go in a blink of an eye.

Oh, how I love my little Max. He is such a happy little guy. 

Happy Birthday Max. We couldn't love and adore you more.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

mmmm, pie 1

If Thanksgiving couldn't rule any more then it does... making pies the day before has become my new favorite tradition. This year I attempted this molasses-pecan pie. It is cooking in the oven as we speak. I smells just heavenly. I hope it tastes just as good. Next in line, apple-pear spice and my first ever attempt at a home made pumpkin pie using pumpkin NOT from the can. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the best week ever

In the words of Spongebob, here we are at the start of "the best week evvvveeeerrrr". Today the pies begin. Tomorrow the rolls and prepping of the sweet potato spoon bread and corn bread stuffing and the homemade cranberry sauce. Thursday morning is crazy with cooking and a day of non-stop eating. Max's birthday is Friday. Saturday we will get our tree. Ry has work off. The kids have school off.

It's going to be a pretty good week. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

come let us adore Him

The Lower Lights Christmas album released yesterday and it is fabulous.
You can get it here.

Happy Weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

max's wishlist

Max will soon be turning the mighty 1 years old. Where has the time gone? Here are a few items I've had my eye on. I'd love to give him any of these things for his birthday:

Ikea Slide
I love the look of this. It's not just a slide, it is a piece of furniture I wouldn't mind having around in any room. I can see it being a great race track for Jack and Cash Hotwheels as well.

Kid o tip truck
I love how minimialistic this truck is. I want... I mean Max wants it in green.

These just look cool - and I kinda like toys and kid items you can keep out on the coffee table that look cool and not just like they haven't been put away yet.

Robeez R2D2 shoes
These shoes will always be my favorite. Max is the master of curling up his toes so I can't get any regular shoes on. He can't fight me on these though. I just stretch them right over those crazy toes. And I love the StarWars tribute version of these.

Wishbone Flip rocker and scooter
How cool is this rocker slash scooter. I love the design of it - and that it has two functions for as your kid gets older. 

Carters Bulldog beanie
I think the colors and the design of this beanie is super adorable.  

Ikea Finger Puppets
These are cool - and I like the little stage they come with - although Max would rip and destroy it in seconds. At least it could be a cool display for when they were put away in the playroom. The guy in the canon is my favorite.

Gap Polar Bear sweater
I want this for Max's Christmas outfit. The collar on this rules.

Does anyone else know some really great items for a one year old?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

jack's heartbreak

Each year after Halloween, there is the horrible day the pumpkins have molded to the point of becoming a health hazard and I tell the boys it's time to throw them away. I try to wait as long as possible. Jack is devastated every time. He gets very attached to his jack-o-lanterns. I try to take pictures for him to keep, but forgot to do it right after Halloween this year, so his pumpkin had turned into a grandpa pumpkin who was missing his dentures.

We had some tears, and then said our good byes. I always feel like the bad guy when it is said and done. 
Poor little man. Poor me.

Monday, November 14, 2011

rake, jump, rake, jump

I am so happy old man winter gave me one last day this week to rake up my leaves. This is the final week for the year, of our green waste garbage-can pick up, so I was happy to finally get around to it. 

Cash was my helper... by jumping in every pile I would create. As much as I wanted to tell him no so I could get done quicker, I couldn't help it - there is not much fun in raking leaves if you can't jump in them. Max surveyed the whole project from his baby walker and ate a few leaves here and there I'm sure.

We picked out our favorite leaves to smash in books and then headed in just as the temperature began to turn. It was a nice couple of hours.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

we're not worthy

Sometimes when I'm around Jon Canlas, I feel like throwing my arms up and down chanting, "we're not worthy, we're not worthy". That guy oozes with talent and is one of the nicest humans on this planet. He kindly let our family be apart of his Film Is Not Dead workshop again this year... and I was so excited because our family shots from San Francisco are some of my favorites of our little clan. Now that Max has joined, I was happy to do this all over again. 

Now, they are no all-denim-family portraitures like what I grew up with, but I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. This was just a few he posted on facebook. I can't wait to see them all, and I hope to get to see some from the other photographers that were attending the workshop. Stay tuned I guess.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


The boys and I first discovered and fell in love with Blexbolex back in September of last year. We kept checking out his book, Seasons, for about two months straight. Then this week, we found People. The illustrations are so wicked. I want to make something inspired by the colors and look of this book. I think I might buy these for Max (me) for Christmas. Next time you are at the bookstore of library - give it a look. It is so hip.

Friday, November 11, 2011

the big day

Our friends Jill and Charlie are tying the knot today. It's going to be a big day of setting up and making sure everything runs real smooth for them. With all the planning, it's been long awaited and I'm excited it's finally here!

Here our their invites I designed for them:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the catchup

I've been horrible about blogging lately. Max is teething AND carrying on a monster cold for the last few weeks and so life has been, well - not much but trying to keep him happy.

After he is snoring soundly in bed, I have no energy left for much else, but to drool over things like this diddy. I think when life returns to normal, I will attempt to make these. Don't they look like heaven?

The boys and I found this book by super hip illustrator and designer Frank Viva on our latest trip to the library. I love the illustrations, and wouldn't mind adding this to our home library sometime in the future. This is his first children's book, and I hope he does more.

Halloween was a blast. The weather couldn't have been more dreamy. Jack, Cash and I took on the neighborhood as PowerRangers, while Max sported a Where the Wild Things are costume I convinced my mom to help me make. Each year we get together to trick-or-treat with all the cousins and then hang back at my brother's house for various home made soups and sugar overloading on candy. 

I'm getting super excited for Thanksgiving. I have all my recipes picked out for the big dinner. Cornbread stuffing, Molasses-Bourbon Pecan Pie... I love this time of year. The boys are getting ever excited for Christmas as well, and when Ryan is not in the car, we turn up the holiday music even though it isn't December yet. 

Shhhh, don't tell.