Monday, October 27, 2008

if you feel like singing a song

i am sure many of you, like us, have been following the progress of friends Stephanie and Christian Nielson who were involved in a plane crash in August. it has been a remarkable thing to watch as hundreds, and even thousands have been drawn to this story. we have been praying for this sweet family, and have been closely following the updates on their progress.

we have posted on ebay a couple of items for auction to raise a little money to go towards the relief efforts. i met john stirratt, bass player for the world's greatest rock and roll band wilco, last year in Denver when we took a roadie with mr. and mrs. campbell. i sent a letter to mr. stirratt who put me in touch with the incredibly good people at tony margherita management who arranged to have some things donated and a guitar signed.

i was originally going to send an old fender telecaster that had been the victim of my merciless guitar playing, but after some searching I found the perfect guitar to have signed and auctioned off. you can see the auction for the guitar here.

if you could pass this on to your friends, and have them pass it on to theirs it would be greatly appreciated.

also ... to the nielson family. we love you, and pray everyday that you will continue to get better.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

super saturday

The weekend started off with some great indian summer weather. We opened all the windows in the entire house and let the nice crisp fall breeze fill the house. We took the boys over on Saturday to pick out some pumpkins at their cousin's farm. Jack is obsessed with pumpkins this year - and was trying to haul away every last one.

After putting the boys down for a lazy nap, Ryan and I kicked back and watched the U of U game. My new Martha Stewart issue had just come earlier that week - and Ryan and I were so inspired by the "remains of the day" article on all the food you can make with leftover turkey, that we went out and cooked ourselves up a mighty bird - just for the leftovers.

The sandwich Ryan made was so divine! Toasted ciabatta rolls, avocado and blue cheese spread, fresh hot turkey with slices of bacon and a fried egg to top it all off - oh man! We invited the newly weds, Jeff and Jennie over, to share in the tasty grub. They came bearing caramel apples for dessert - so my night was made.

For anyone who has never seen Jack and Jennie together - it is a pretty cute thing. Jack's mad crushes seem to be for the blonde women in his life, but Jennie is definitely at the top of his list. He was putting on a show all night for her. Then went to bed a happy happy boy with Jennie reading to him his bedtime stories.

It was a prefect day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jack & The Cash

Tonight Jack was playing ball with Cash (and by "playing ball, I mean - chucking a ball straight at Cash as hard as he can throw while Dad deflects any blows to the little man's head ). After the game came to an end, Jack walked up to Cash and said matter-of-factly, "Cash, you are a good friend."

He has also started referring to Cash as, "The Cash", as if he was some sort of stuffed animal mafia ring leader.

And his latest attempt to avoid naps, diaper changes or anything he doesn't want to do, is by saying: "It's Cash's turn." And then takes off running.