Saturday, April 30, 2011

another amazing dinner conversation

Tonight's dinner conversation:

Jack: Jesus hates eating breakfast. Did you know that?

Me: No, I had never heard that. That's amazing.

Cash: Stop talking.

Jack: I don't trust you.

Cash: Jack doesn't trust me mom.

Jack: Are you going to eat all the ice cream mom?

Me: Yes, cause I ate all my dinner.

Jack: Jesus will be mad at you.

Me: Jesus doesn't get mad at people.

Cash: Are you happy with me mom?

Me: Eat your peas and I will be.

Cash: Your impossible mom.

Me: Do you even know what that word means?

Cash: Potatoes in your face mom.

Jack: Max is crying mom.

Me (sitting right next to max): Really? I couldn't hear. Thank you.

Me: Jack, eat your peas and potatoes.

Jack: Tell Cash to zip his mouth up.

Me: Please, both of you... EAT.

Cash: Mom, watch this. (shoving spoon in his mouth without food).

Me: Amazing, now put some potatoes on it, and try it again. And take that pea out of your ear please.

Me: Both of you, eat with a spoon. What are you, cavemen?

Cash (leaving the table): I've got robot duty. Robot duty, robot duty..."

Me: Robot duty yourself right up to bed then if you are not going to eat your dinner.

Cash (coming back to table): watch this mom (empty spoon trick again.)

Jack (with bowl still full of peas): can I have some ice cream?

Me: sigh

Monday, April 18, 2011

friday night, the halls will sing

The Lower Lights are playing a show this Friday night, down in Provo at the Provo Library ballroom. Tickets are on sale here. You should come, bring a friend, a significant other, a kid or two (kids under three are free) and enjoy a night of good music, good mood and grab some killer dessert at this place on your way out (they are open until 11pm, boohyeah!).

See you all there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

hello spring, you've been missed

I am tempted every year to start buying and planting beautiful flowers and such at this time of year, but I know we are destined to still have another snow, so I wait... not very patiently... for old man winter to hit the road.

Today Cash and I raked all the leaves in the backyard that somehow got missed because I was too pregnant to care when it was time to get rid of them. I started all sorts of schemes and ideas for revamping the backyard. Getting ideas of what to plant and where to plant it. I love hanging out outdoors - dinner parties late into summer evenings, just letting the kids run circles around you until the stars come out... it is the best.

I think this IS the year I build my garden boxes, and maybe even a good fire pit area. Having three kids has made me realize I don't really ever want to leave the house if I don't have to. I think this summer we will be putting the backyard to good use because of that.

I've been cutting out magazines and bookmarking all sorts of sites for ideas and tips. Now if it can only stay warm enough for me to get started.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

give it a listen

I am loving Jessica Lea Mayfield these days. I have both her albums (1: with blasphemy so heartfelt 2: tell me), and caught her show while we were in Nashville a few weeks back. I love they way she draws out her songs/words when she sings - reminds me a little of Lucinda Williams that way - a lazy kind of singing, for lack of a better way of describing it. She's great though. Give er a listen why don't you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i am in love

I stumbled across this website today, and fell in love. I need one of each of these in my home. Okay, maybe 2 of each.
(warning: most of the product shots have so nude girls reading the newspaper... just in case you shy easily from such things.)