Monday, December 21, 2009

another one bites the dust

I was absolutely heart broken today, to receive my discontinuation postcard in the mail for one of my favorite magazines, Cookie. First Domino. Now this. What will I have to inspire me in all things kid decor and mommy hipness? Does anyone have a good replacement for me... I am really bummed out about it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

cash and the red slush attack

Yesterday, after spending several hours of errand running - I felt it only fair to reward the boys good behavior and patience with some slushies... plus mama needed her some diet coke, so we stopped off at the local gas station. I got the boys their slush and as we were walking up to pay - they discovered the popcorn machine. I had just bought some microwavable popcorn at the grocery story, so I was determined to save a little cash, and just make the boys some when I got home.

Cash did not like this idea one bit. How did I know this you ask? He proceeded to chuck his full RED slushy across the room of the gas station. Red foamy slush went EVERYWHERE! People's legs, the floor, the displays, the racks of candy. I was mortified. It took everything in me to keep from crying while I was wiping off people's shoes and scraping up the sea of red that now blanketed the floor.

It's hard. Jack has always been my sweetheart - he mostly always listens to what I say and rarely gets out of hand - while Cash... well, after the red slush episode of 2009, I think I'm a little afraid of him.