Thursday, July 8, 2010

the pencil

I checked out this book from the library for Jack sometime last month. Every time I try to return it, he gets these huge crocodile tears and begs to check it out again or literally starts crying. I guess we will have to purchase it to keep Jack's little heart from breaking.

I first saw this book, in passing, sitting on a shelf at the library of my niece's elementary school. I loved the cover so much, I searched it out next time we did a library run.

The Pencil, by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman, is a story featuring a pencil that is all alone. One day, he decides to draw a boy. The boy wants a dog, so the pencil draws him one. The dog wants a cat, so the pencil draws him one... and so on and so on until there is trouble! The illustrations are great and it has such a sweet ending.

Worth checking out. Worth buying according to Jack.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hello summer,

Now that the weather if finally acting like summer - it has been hard to find time to blog. So here is the update.

The boys and I have been living it up at all the pool sides around town, dominating the park scenes, and eating enough shaved ice to turn us diabetic. Summer rules.

We had a surprise visit from Ryan's sister Shelby, all the way out from California this last week, so the boys have been spending every moment possible with their cousin Tanner. I miss Shelby dearly - so I too have been trying to soak up as much Shelby sun that I can get before she heads back to Disneyland and the beach.

I'm slowly trying to do something with our yard. Ever since we have moved in to this house - I have had plans for something better for the front scape, but every year goes by and all I just do is weed. Ry finally chopped down the horrible evergreen monsters that lined the front of our house. We are working slowly to dig out their roots and get the area ready for some trees and better bushes. I am surprised how much I love yard work. As I kid - I'm sure I couldn't hate anything more. But now - I find weeding and planting and all that green stuff very therapeutic. I'm learning more and more how to take better care of my roses out back, and love having fresh flowers all throughout the house during these summer months. My succulents are flourishing and I consider trips to the nursery quite the treat.

I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming weekend. The fourth of July is one of my all time favorite holidays. I love everything about it... the food, the summer weather, the fireworks and the smell of smoke after they have died out, sparklers, being on a lawn somewhere - sprawled out on blankets with family and friends... it's the best. It's also the day Ryan and I had our first kiss - so I am hopelessly and romantically attached to the day... ahhhhh.

Last but not least, and a prize for all those who made it through this entry, I'm pregnant. Another little hooligan to add to this motley crew of ours. The kid is due sometime in the beginning of December, putting me roughly at 17 weeks. I've been sicker then sick this time around. The kind of morning sickness that is actually just all-day-long-and-night sickness. But now that I have hit and passed the beautiful 15 week mark, I'm feeling really good. Jack likes to talk a lot to my "baby" tummy. Before I told him a baby was in there, he would often pat my stomach and look concerned, but not say much. Now he is commenting that everyone he passes with a tummy is having a baby and I've had a hard time explaining that that is not always the case. Cash on the other hand also thinks he has a baby in his tummy, and just likes to do stomach blows on me when ever I am sitting down and at his height.

I am super excited for this burrito to get here. I really love being pregnant - the few months after baby is here makes me a little miserable to think about. I just don't do well without sleep, but I know it passes and I'll try to cherish each night I have now of my uninterrupted 8 hours. The only thing I can't quite understand, is why everyone has to give me their "oh, once we had three kids" horror stories. I know it can't be that bad - there are too many of you who had 3 and went for a 4th or 5th, or MORE. But it does make me a little nervous why everyone acts like it is the worst thing ever, please someone tell me something positive about it.

Okay, now I'm off to eat an otterpop. Have a good weekend everyone.