Tuesday, August 28, 2012

for sale

Selling our house is probably at the bottom of my fun list. For starters, trying to keep the house in an eerie state of perfection with 3 little boys is a feat in itself. It's down right exhausting. Each morning I aggressively go from room to room to prep it in case any showings are scheduled for the day. Today I felt extremely guilty when Cash requested a master fort (not to toot my own horn about, but I make a mean fort) and I immediately turned him down. No boy should go without a fort on a weekly basis really. But for now he will have to wait.

The other thing I have come to realize, is that I never appreciated how much space we had here until I went house hunting in Tennessee. I guess a mean case of lime stone prevents most areas from digging basements (which I still haven't figured out how everyone hides from the tornadoes without a basement). Our house has 10 foot ceilings in the basement. You don't even know you are underground down there. I will miss that.

I have packed away most our decor and belongs to supposedly help the buyer envision themselves and their many belongs in our space, and part of me secretly wishes I could keep up this level of order and pose. I tried to not show too much resentment when projects that I have starred in the face for four years have magically been completed in a few weeks time. This is how it goes I suppose. 

I really do like this house. It is on a quiet street with good neighbors and great shade in the backyard in the evening. The boys and I have been very happy here. I know we will be happy in our next place too, I'm just feeling very sentimental now that we are leaving.

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Alicia said...

Sigh... I just love and your your house. We need to talk.